Let’s Try This One More Time

I’m starting a new category of posts called “Shit Gary Says.” It’s fascinating to me that men and women think so differently.  For example, I always have a running list in my head of things that we are out of around the house and especially things I’m out of that I use every day.  Gary, not so much.  Here is a conversation we had this morning:

me: I’m going to Rite Aid at lunch today to pick up some things.  Do you need anything for your bathroom?

Gary: No, not really. I think I’m good.

me:  Ok, what about shampoo?

Gary:  Oh yeah, I need some more shampoo.

me:  Ok, what about conditioner?  Do you need some of that too?

Gary:  Hmm,  yes, I’m out of conditioner too.

me: Ok, anything else?

Gary: No, not really.

me:  What about soap? Do you need more soap?

Gary: Soap?

me: Yes, soap.  The stuff you use in the shower every day to clean yourself?

Gary: Oh yeah, I’m out of soap too.

me:  Ok, so basically every single thing you use in the shower every day, you’re out of.  Did I get that right?

Gary:  Yeah, I guess so!

I don’t know why that was so difficult, but I find it cute that he needs me!  Any of you have similar conversations with your men?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Try This One More Time

  1. I think as your husband, I have a long future of being the butt-of-the-joke! Better than being the front of an insult 😉

    Well done honey!

  2. Love it!
    I love how you make everyday things so entertaining ! You have a gift to write and maybe comedy!

    • Thanks Sandra! I can’t make this stuff up; Gary is constantly entertaining me. I’m glad I can pay it forward and entertain you!

  3. I can totally picture Gary saying this in his total Gary way. He would also most likely throw in a “hmmm…yup…uh huh” while he quickly nods his head yes and has one finger on his chin. Am I right? Lol.

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